Supernurse Private Duty RN

I provide an ‘At-home’ Foot Health Care visiting service in the Niagara region.  

A mask is worn for duration of service. We follow infection control practices and conduct pre-screenings. Strictly 1-1 care. Confidentiality is maintained. 

I do foot assessments and provide health education, including diabetic foot assessments. Regular foot care helps to prevent foot ulcers and other feet and health problems, which are costlier in the long term. 

Regular foot care with nail trimming is important for healthier feet to prevent problems and infections; it helps prevent hospitalizations. 

I serve Diabetics, Disabled, and Seniors in their own homes. 

We are not OHIP covered but it is a fee claimable service via health insurance or tax return. I am a Veterans Affairs, Green Shield, and Blue Cross recognized provider. Direct Health Care is provided, so there is no tax added. 

As a Registered Nurse, I provide a Holistic service. 

I bring supplies for when patients can’t easily get to the shops to purchase it themselves: foot cream, callous tools, over the counter fungal ointments, padding, and strapping. 

Evidence based practice is implemented. 

I provide local resources of other services to patients when needed for helping patients get their overall needs met at home and to make their lives easier. I advocate for patients and make referrals to the multidisciplinary team when necessary, including doctors’ referrals. 

You can book an appointment directly via the website.  

Contactless payments are accepted: e-transfer, credit card, or cheque. 

Check out our website, here.