Place Heart Niagara

Cardiovascular disease is currently the leading cause of death among Canadians. The incidence of heart disease continues to rise in Niagara and emphasis is being placed on risk factors and healthier choices. 

Heart Niagara (1977) has a distinguished record of guiding advances in cardiac health education and services in the Niagara region that have yielded improvements in access to primary and secondary prevention programs.  

Heart Niagara empowers our community by providing the education, training and tools necessary to take control of their heart health. Heart Niagara facilitates health services, education and training to community, schools, and workplaces and for families.   

Program included but are not limited to Community Preparedness First Aid Training CPR/AED training and AED placement; Diagnostic Program Echo sonography, Holter Monitors and Stress testing; Healthy Heart Schools’ Program CV Risk assessment, Family education and CPR/AED Training; HeartCORE strength and resistance training suitable for most people as it offers individualized instruction, resistance loads that are geared toward age and initial fitness level, plus the weekly sessions encourage adequate recovery time; Workplace Wellness; Smoke Cessation Counselling and Community Health Promotion 

Strategic partnerships with other community groups play an important role in developing and delivering these programs. Heart Niagara invests the financial support from the community to facilitate programs within the Niagara region. All donations stay in Niagara for Niagara.

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