HeartCORE – Heart Niagara

HeartCORE is a high-intensity resistance training that involves a twice weekly 20-minute appointment as part of your physical activity program. Heart Niagara’s goal during each appointment is to support you to bring each major muscle groups to the point of maximal effort (fatigue), allowing for optimal muscle use.  

Members are supported 1 on 1 by an experienced HeartCORE Coach, to manage machine weights, check for good form and work with you to develop an optimal personal program. Performing circuit training to maximum muscle fatigue eliminates the need to do multiple sets and sessions per week. Small weight increments ensure safe and effective progression for all fitness levels. This type of program is suitable for many ages and fitness levels, as the routine is performed with slow, controlled movements. 

Why is each exercise performed so slowly? Slow movements keep the muscle under a continuous load and consequently there is no time for the muscle fibres to rest or recover.  Slow movements also eliminate the contribution of momentum to help overcome the resistance.  This approach maximizes the time spent performing each exercise, while minimizing the potential for injury. 

Does this program really work? Yes, with regular attendance, the HeartCORE program will help you get stronger.  The resistance load will increase each week, so you will see a slow but steady increase in the amount of weight you can move.  Members experience other benefits such as an increased energy level, the ability to perform daily activities easier, and improved strength.   

HeartCORE is furnished with MedX circuit training equipment, which was designed by the founder of Nautilus. It is the most technologically advanced fitness, sports, and medical rehabilitation equipment. 

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