Cooperative Creations

Cooperative Creations is Visual Arts Instruction for everyone. My skillsets are based on both the practice of Visual Arts and my time supporting individuals with disabilities. My services truly are for everyone. I have several person-centred tools on hand and I facilitate a low cost program.  

Also, I base a 3-step program that is explained in greater detail in my flyer. From beginning to end, clients, participants and people I support have control over their subject matter and the creation of their own portfolio while learning a bit of give and take in a group setting and from my guidance with Visual Arts techniques and strategies.  

I have experienced surprising success in the past. Someone bored becomes excited in the mindful act of creating art. Someone discouraged or disenchanted suddenly feels they are making a difference. Someone with a history of mischief making and challenging behaviour shows curiosity; an openness to learning and attendance to a task to the best of their ability. Someone who has difficulty communicating can express themselves. Someone who seems voiceless communicates directly. Someone with rage or challenging behaviour becomes calm, observant, attentive, and tries their best to complete something meaningful.   

Visual Arts instruction and guidance is for anyone who wants to use their imagination and take control in positive ways. Finally, the practice of Visual Arts often leads to all sorts of new learning and social experiences. 

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